Are you wanting to SUPPORT ALL YOUR STUDENTS AND STAFF to build resilience and develop the character that will enable them to overcome adversity and be successful in school and life?

  • Are you a school looking to continually improve results through a systematic and proven approach to character education?
  • Do you want to discover successful strategies that other schools (and businesses) use?
  • Do you want your teachers and students to take responsibility for their own actions and not to be dependent on others?
  • Are you looking for a partner that understands what it takes to lead in education?
  • Do you need resources and training ready to inspire, support, and challenge you?



Developing Potential  has helped thousands of school leaders, teachers and well over 150,000 students to become more resilient and more successful. 

Co-founded in 1997 by an Olympic Gold Medalist and pioneer of bringing coaching into schools and businesses, we know just what it takes to create a high performance culture and to get the most out of your team and and in a way that truly engages them. In 2014 we created Successful Lives to extend our work to include students and provide schools with the resources they need to build character, resilience and employability skills.


So, can we help you and your school?

Well, the answer to that will depend a lot on YOU.

Often deep down, many school leaders and staff either don’t want to change or more likely aren’t able to find the time to do what’s necessary to bring about that change. It maybe they’re not receptive to new ideas and new ways of thinking or are just so busy to do something different and find a long-term solution, rather than a quick fix. If that’s you then we won’t be able to help.


07_Physical_Action2We can only help you if you are serious about making the long term changes that will bring about improved resilience, wellbeing and performance. That means investing time and resources and not looking for a quick fix. Many schools aren’t prepared to make this investment, yet they do seem to find time and money to try and fix problems over and over again, rather than finding the right solution. It’s about taking the first step and ensuring over time that it becomes part of your every day culture.


…if you’re a headteacher or senior leader who’s open to learning new things from people who have a track record of success in education and business then we would like to talk with you.

If you’re still unsure then spend a few minutes and have a browse around the site.                                         

Ten Growth Mindset Lessons Now Included...

If you would like to see more about the evidence behind the curriculum please click here.

If you would like to see more about our evidenced based and wider whole school approach to building resilience then you can see it here.

SL PSHE Recommended Picture

“This is a programme that will capture the imagination of students and enable them to develop an optimistic mind-set and apply practical skills like coaching, leadership, teamwork and much more. I would recommend that you spend a few minutes reviewing this exciting new programme.”

Sir Tim Brighouse


“I read your book over the holidays and have now looked at the resources in detail. Excellent! Just what we need.  We are impressed and your resources will form the backbone of developing resilience via our PSHE programme.”

Andy Watts, Deputy Head, St Benedicts


“Because I really needed a curriculum to build resilience I took a whole weekend to look at every single lesson – it is a very well devised curriculum, with excellent lessons. They are ready to teach without having to spend time to modify them and we can dip in to those that meet our specific needs. We have set ourselves some challenging targets to improve behaviour, resilience, attendance and results and these lessons will play a big part in our success.”

Alex Holmes, Deputy Head, Hartsdown Academy


“As a school we have seen an incredible change in many of our students and we have made exceptional progress – from a school in special measures to a “good” grading with many outstanding features in our latest Ofsted. While this was down to much more than the Successful Lives Programme, I’m clear that Successful Lives played its part in raising student’s aspirations and their desire to succeed.”

Laura O’Shaughnessy – Assistant Principal at a secondary school in Essex

See more from Laura and her students through a series of short videos where they tell you of their experiences of using Successful Lives. 


If you have questions or would like to find out more about how this programme can make a big difference in your school e-mail


Developing Potential is a leading organisation in whole school development, resilience, character education and wellbeing, dedicated to helping schools achieve the results they want.              

You can accelerate your schools growth by sharing our knowledge and experience of both business and education over the last 20 years. Developing Potential has created a system and programmes that build capacity and support the creation of an outstanding and resilient culture.

To see how our student resources fit within an evidenced and systems based whole school approach please click here.