Case Studies and Testimonials

Below you can see some case studies of a few schools using the programme and a selection of the testimonials we have received.

Case Studies

Central and South Wales

Blackminster School Case Study




Ormiston Rivers Academy

Ormiston Rivers Academy Case Study




Hartsdown Academy

Hartsdown Academy Case Study




Priory School

Priory School Case Study




Blackminster Case Study Final

Blackminster School Case Study





This is a programme that will capture the imagination of students and enable them to develop an optimistic mind-set and apply practical skills like coaching, leadership, teamwork and much more. I would recommend that you spend a few minutes reviewing this exciting new programme.

Sir Tim Brighouse


This year, we introduced a unit within our PD programme on resilience, using the materials from ‘Developing potential’/’Successful lives’. I found the programme to be extremely well designed including all you could ask for to be able to effect a competent delivery in the classroom.

A colleague produced a unit for our school from the materials provided, which included both pupil and staff materials with power points, pro-formas for notes and guidance on how to lead class discussion. I read it and sighed with pleasure that it was all there for me. What a joy!! In 36 years of teaching, delivering and preparing work schemes, I have rarely had a scheme of work handed to me with everything all there! All I had to do was read it though, and then get excited about when to get started.

I am currently delivering the material for the third time. Each time the pupils have responded really well, engaging in discussion, understanding the different elements which can help to build resilience and able to articulate how they can respond in different situations.

As a consequence it has influenced how I have been able to approach a range of situations with individual pupils including girls dealing with disappointing results or friendship issues, but more importantly I think pupils have been better able to deal with situations themselves. I feel we have begun a process to help the girls develop a skill set which will have importance and relevance way beyond Yr 8 and even their time in school.

In fact I have been so impressed that I gave a student teacher on placement with us this year the opportunity to adapt and deliver some of the material to a Year 10 group. It was something he had not come across before and he felt it would be extremely useful tool to have as he embarks on his teaching career.

Pupil comments:

“I really enjoyed learning about resilience.”

“I feel I will be able to deal with problems better.”

“I am not as afraid of the new things I am going to face in big school.”

Gillian McDonald, Head of Year 8, Glenlola Collegiate, Bangor, Northern Ireland


I’ve been thinking about our Successful Lives resources, and I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with them.

They came to my attention through one of your emails, so I sent off for them more in hope than expectation if I’m honest. I was hoping that they would be useful for come of the small-group withdrawal programmes that we run here, and perhaps I’d even get some assemblies out of them too. How wrong could I have been?! I was amazed at not only the sheer quantity of material in the packs, but also at its quality. The materials cover a lot of the “soft skills” that are so essential for students and often so badly-covered by schools. How many times do we as teachers set a task like “prepare a presentation on xyz” and then despair at what our students produce? In my own case, it’s more often than I care to admit, but I’ve never been really sure about how to teach those skills. However, the Presenting For Success unit is a well-structured scheme for doing exactly that.

We’ve been so impressed with the materials that we are using units as part of our Cross Curricular work with Year 6 and 7 across the school, particularly around things like goal-setting and team-working that we know are so vital, but so hard to teach. Your materials have given us a structure and extremely high-quality resources such as video links. Our students are Year 6,7, and 8, so there is almost too much material here – I can imagine that it would be very beneficial for students right up to the end of Key Stage 4. It’s hard to measure the outcomes for a course like this one, precisely because they are the “soft skills” , but my staff and I are starting to see the impact after just half a term of use – students are presenting more confidently, working together more effectively in teams and diagnosing their own difficulties and trying strategies to sort these out. All in all, we’re impressed and delighted.

Thank you so much to you and your team

Linda McQuone, Blackminster School, Deputy Head, Worcester


“The teaching is going really well.  In fact I spoke to a teacher this morning who has been particularly difficult to engage in delivering the PSHE/Citizenship programme and he was raving about the Successful Lives resources and asked if he could do more of this!

I also had an email from another tutor yesterday who said the following:

‘I just wanted to say how much my tutor group enjoyed the lesson on visualising success this morning. It really calmed and focused them. They seemed to get a lot out of it, and from my point of view, it set me up really nicely for the day as I used some of the techniques in it to encourage a really difficult year 9 music class. I plan to use them a bit more throughout the week and create my own sets of prompts for the students to visualise.’

I have been really pleased with the response from tutors who would not normally engage or certainly wouldn’t take the time to give me feedback either.

Helen Blachford, Curriculum Leader PSCHE, Priory School, South Sea


Successful Lives has enabled our students to grow in confidence and develop the essential skills required for learning and life. They enjoy the collaborative learning style and have transferred this knowledge into all aspects of their school life. Students come Into the lessons enthused, motivated and the energy in the classroom is fantastic…a real buzz. The programme has made a real difference.

Alan Wells, Director of Key stage 3, Ormiston Rivers Academy


Because I really needed a curriculum to build resilience I took a whole weekend to look at every single lesson – it is a very well devised curriculum, with excellent lessons. They are ready to teach without having to spend time to modify them and we can dip in to those that meet our specific needs. We have set ourselves some challenging targets to improve behaviour, resilience, attendance and results and these lessons will play a big part in our success.

Alex Holmes, Deputy Head, Hartsdown Academy, Margate, Kent


As a school we have seen an incredible change in many of our students and we have made exceptional progress. From a school in special measures four years ago to our “good” grading with many outstanding features in our most recent Ofsted. While this was down to more than just the Successful Lives Programme, I’m clear that Successful Lives played a key part in raising student’s aspirations and their desire to succeed.

Laura O’Shaughnessy, BAP Partnership Development Manager, Essex


Successful Lives is a splendid programme, which is well conceived, practical and flexible. It seems to me that the programme is in tune with our general values. It provides strategies for encouraging aspiration whilst also providing teachers with useful material to help pupils develop their confidence and motivation.

Mr M A Skelly, Headmaster, Westcliff High School for Boys, An Academy Grammar School


I have 3 lessons a week called Study Skills, where I tend to use your lessons. I have frequently gone into sections and then modified as today with LESSON 6.1

We looked at the video supplied and then I added Alison Lapper and Helen Keller to highlight their resilience against true adversity.

What I like about the site is the idea’s it provokes and some of the video links are good talking points. As a resource at my fingertips it’s been wonderfully useful and I’m so pleased I can apply it.

Sharon Buchanan, Head of Sixth Form, Hartsdown Academy, Margate


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