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Why People Tell Others What to Do!

Can you remember when you were a young child?

Did your parents or those that cared for you generally ask you what you wanted to do and where you wanted to go? Or did they say we are going out, eat your greens and don’t swear at granny!

Ask or tell? In most cases it was tell most of the time.

And when you went to school for the first time (and most days after that) did someone say, “Whose class would you like to be in, where would you like to sit and what would you like to learn?” Or did they generally tell you which classes to attend and what to do?

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What Stops High Performance?

What’s the biggest thing that prevents staff and students from achieving high performance and the results they want?

  • Fear (of Ofsted, failure, what others think, change or the unknown…)?
  • Procrastination and/or indecision?
  • Uncertainty or lack of knowledge?
  • Upbringing, experiences or role models?
  • Anxiety and stress?

It could be any or all of these and more!

Yet these are symptoms rather than the cause. The number one thing that prevents high performance and the achievement of results is self-talk – the things we all tell ourselves and the stories we make up.

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Are You a Ten Percenter?

The difference between outstanding and ordinary is usually less than 10%. This simple fact can be used by anyone interested in high performance.

Headteachers, Senior and Middle Leaders, Teachers, Support Staff and Students can apply this to quickly achieve the performance levels they desire, personally and for their organisation.

Once you accept this it can motivate and drive you towards high performance.

So what’s the problem? Well our experience and research from working with both ordinary and elite performers in business, education and sport has shown that many leaders and managers just don’t know how to energise, direct and engage their people.

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Teacher or Student Led?

Coaching cartoonThere has been so much debate about the style of lessons that should be used to ensure all our young people get the learning and the results they need.

Everybody seems to have been jumping in – Michael Gove, the Blob, Ofsted, Teaching unions and most importantly school leaders and teachers. The only people we don’t seem to hear a lot from are the students.

Should lessons be teacher led or student led? Should they be focused on learning by rote or through discovery? Should students be told all the information and spoon fed or be expected to find solutions for themselves?

Well I think the answer is coaching, which is a much misunderstood skill for schools.  Both for lessons and for school leadership.

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The Myth of Talent

Men holding the phrase go for it. Concept 3D illustration.

In his book ‘Bounce’ Matthew Syed, now a well known Times journalist and author and formerly the British Number 1 table tennis player, talks about the myth of talent.

He starts his story talking about his very early days of table tennis,

For a period in the 1980s, this one street (where he lived) and the surrounding vicinity, produced more outstanding table tennis players than the rest of the nation combined.  One road among tens of thousands; one tiny cohort of schoolkids against millions up and down the country.

Was this about people being born in one street who were better at table tennis than everyone else?

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