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Can Marginal Gains Change Your School?

Matthew SyedI pinched the headline from the title of Mathew Syed’s recent article for The Times (September 2015), “Marginal gains can change the World.”

A former international table tennis player and now journalist, his first book ‘Bounce’ talked about the practice needed to become a master and The Times article was a prelude to his new book.

In it he talks about how David Brailsford revolutionised cycling and achieved such success by isolating specific areas in turn and finding out what worked and what didn’t work so that they focused their efforts only on things that would have an impact on results.

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Teacher or Student Led?

Coaching cartoonThere has been so much debate about the style of lessons that should be used to ensure all our young people get the learning and the results they need.

Everybody seems to have been jumping in – Michael Gove, the Blob, Ofsted, Teaching unions and most importantly school leaders and teachers. The only people we don’t seem to hear a lot from are the students.

Should lessons be teacher led or student led? Should they be focused on learning by rote or through discovery? Should students be told all the information and spoon fed or be expected to find solutions for themselves?

Well I think the answer is coaching, which is a much misunderstood skill for schools.  Both for lessons and for school leadership.

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The Importance of Goals

GoalsThis probably isn’t the first time you have seen someone write about or heard them talk about the importance of goals.  And cliches aside, knowing the importance of goal setting and how to set goals is crucial in achieving great things and having Successful Lives.

Why is it important to set goals and how can we help our students to do this?  Well here are 5 reasons why you should help students set goals (and set them for yourself too).

1. The right Goals will help drive you forward

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