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best blues amp for home use

It is perhaps little surprise then that they’ve been picked up by modern blues rock players like Jared James Nichols. At 5 watts, the PR5 is a great amp for home use. I haven’t tried the Dirty Shirley, but my understanding is that it’s a higher gain amp, so it’s probably a better choice if you want a dirtier tone and you like playing with a bit more distortion. You don’t need a 100 watt monster. Thankfully, Marshall have addressed this problem with their new Origin series. Yeah some of the amps here are definitely on the more expensive side of things. But if you want a high quality modern amp that can nail vintage tones, then in my opinion the PT-20 is one of the best amps for home use. I haven’t tried the Princeton as it happens, but I’ve always wanted to. (Thanks, RTBH) Buy: (Thanks, bbcoz) "Fender - Deluxe Rev, Super Rev, Bassman 4 x 10. It’s also powered by EL84 tubes and offers reverb and tremelo effects. It’s the go-to for everything from Blues, to Classic Rock to Country. It’s a 30 watt all tube combo amp with a single 15″ speaker. As a young player I was sucked in by the bells and whistles of digital modelling amps. Dig in a bit and she’ll growl back. A lot of the amps outlined in this list are about simplicity. You can also use a patch cable to connect the two channels and get a fatter tone. A very worthy runner up for the best blues amp is the iconic Vox AC30. Fender currently have a slightly more expensive limited edition tweed version of the amp (pictured), which I think looks really vintage and cool. It has just the basic tone shaping controls you need, along with a master and gain control. I was so surprised by the quality of the Pink Taco’s sound and its versatility. A capable blues amp is different from other amps most significantly by … That’s because lower watt amps have less headroom, so the tone begins to break up at a lower volume. But if you enjoy playing with a variety of different blues tones and don’t want to spend a lot of money on different amps and pedals, the Tweaker is a great choice. I thought it sounded amazing when I tried it out. This allows you to create a cranked tube amp sound without having to play at punishing volumes. At 5 watts, you can get beautiful tones from the Milkman Half Pint without disturbing your neighbours. If you want to go down the boutique amp route, then the Milkman ‘Half Pint’ is a brilliant choice. Many thx. Let me know how you get on and if you have any more questions, just send me an email on [email protected] and I’m happy to help , Hi Carlos, Amongst blues guitarists, this second mistake is by far the most commonly occurring. You … The Best Blues Amps under $1000, Period. Popularised by players like Rory Gallagher and Brian May, the amp is renowned for it’s bright sound and killer overdriven tones. If you are looking for an American voiced amp that you can play at home, then you should try the Fender 57 Custom Champ. Fender is renowned for their clean tones, and the Fender Blues Deluxe is no exception. You can’t go wrong with any of them, but maybe you can’t really aford any of them either. Founded in 2011, the company rose to prominence following an endorsement from John Mayer, who described his Milkman amp as ‘one of the best new guitar amps I’ve heard in a long time’. The Milkman Sound 10W Pint, Morgan PR12 or JS12 or Fender 57 Custom Deluxe could all work well. It also has on-board spring reverb, an essential blues effect. Crank the volume and tweak the Q for the best blues and rock tones. At 15 watts, cranking the blues junior at home is not going to be realistic for most of us. And I think typically players make one of two mistakes: 1.) All of the Morgan amps come with reverb which has the very useful addition of a ‘dwell’ knob. At the other end of the spectrum, if you are looking for a similar sound but with more volume, give the Blackstar Artisan 10 Watt a go. This allows you to control the amount of decay in your reverb, which means you can add a lot of reverb without getting a ‘washed out’ sound. In this article I am going to run through everything you need to know about blues guitar amps and the best guitar amps for blues. Maybe above that level, but that is too much for my living room. Either way, I would definitely recommend going and trying them both out to see how you get on. It is also 5 watts and like the Champ is very compact, with an 8″ speaker. It has beautiful clean tones, can be pushed into a great sounding overdrive, and takes pedals well. Hi Gethin, thanks so much for the comment and you’re absolutely right – trying to buy the right guitar amp is a killer! They get sucked in by promises of endless tonal tweakery. The Vox AC30 is another blues amp that responds well to your playing. The good news is that there are some great options out there for those of you playing at home. Regardless of which amp you go for, one of the best features on the Milkman amps is the power scaling. Of these, the Vox AC4 is one of the best amps for home use. It’s distinct voice is also due in part to the pair of 12 inch Alnico Blue speakers. If you are a blues purist looking for simplicity, then this may not be the amp for you. These are amps that are designed with classic British blues tones in mind. All in all though it sounds like you have a pretty perfect set up for those vintage blues tones. After that, I made the mistake of buying a very large valve amp. It’s a very responsive amp, so you can go from clean tone to crunchy overdrive with a subtle turn of your guitar’s volume knob. Whichever route you go down though, I would try and get to a store and try the amps out if you can (I know it’s a bit tricky at the minute!) And I’ll keep you posted with how I get on with the Princeton – I’m closing in on my next purchase, so I should be trying it out within the next few weeks! In fact, the best amp for blues is usually less than 40 watts. Although there are amps of various size in the series, the Marshall Origin 5W is one of the best Marshall amps for home use. This allows you to ‘crank’ the amp whilst keeping the overall volume down. I'm thinking of upgrading my current amp (Fender G-DEC Jr), and get something much better. Have you found that in your experience? Whether you’re looking for an amp for home use, to practice in your bedroom, or an amp to play a gig at the local bar, the only difference is volume. These amps are about half the price and still damn good all tube blues amps. In fact buying an amp like that and playing it anywhere other than the stage will be to the detriment of your sound. You might at this point, even be wondering whether a tube amp is in fact the best option for your set-up. When it comes to getting a beautiful blues tone, I think that simplicity is often the key. It’s hard to justify the cost of size of the 1962 Bluesbreaker when you really just need something to practice in your bedroom without blowing out the windows. The 12″ Eminence special-design speaker gives plenty of punch and offers enhanced midrange to help you break through any mix. They are also the heart and soul of your amp’s tone. Speaking of tubes, they are the most expensive piece of maintenance on a tube amp. At 5 watts, it’s small enough that you can crank it at home. If you’re looking for something even quieter  – or for an amp that breaks up at lower volumes – then Blackstar also offer the HT-1R. But it may be a little more unforgiving than some of the other amps listed here. The Peavey Delta Blue 115 also features an effects loop, optional footswitch, and an output for an extension cabinet. So in no particular order, here are some of the best amps for home use that will help you get those killer blues tones without disturbing your neighbours: Morgan Amps first came onto my radar when I heard Josh Smith endorsing them. That’s why the Bugera V5 Infinium is awesome. It even has vintage knobs for reverb, master, middle, bass and treble control. The Fender Blues Deluxe is powered by two 6L6 Groove Tubes output tubes and three 12AX7 preamp tubes. These are just some of points that I will be covering today. The 1962 Bluesbreaker is an excellent choice for Jazz, Blues and Classic Rock.

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