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She probably asked me what happened, but I don’t remember what I told her. The species wants to return to saltwater. “These fish are a bit like the Taiman of Mongolia and Siberia,” he related. Over the years, there have been sightings and catching of some of the largest trouts in different parts of the world with different fishing methods and intentions being used. This photograph was real. You’ll be looking for big wakes, swirls, violent splashing, things of that sort. If you’ve got the time, I’ll tell you a story. The hidden card depicted yet another giant trout, this one on the back of a 1950ish Chevrolet pickup, with a cowboy staring at the fish, awestruck as one might expect. Out of the corner of my eye a geyser of water arched skyward. She ushered me into the living room and as she did she said, “Don’t be fooled by appearances. Those big fish would make an awful ruckus, nearly tear up the pool in fact, but if they were hooked well, diesel power usually won the day. “What can you tell me about this picture, Mr. Starnham.” Your friend in St. X said you would know something about it. A person is usually gazing up at the trout with a look of amazement, and the caption reads something like, “They grow them big out west.” Created with technology long before Photoshop, the amateurish attempt at deception brings a smile. Now imagine a 350-pound critter, big as a steer, flopping and tearing up the sod and uprooting sagebrush. If you really want to know the story behind that picture, you need to talk to Will Starnham at the Crescent J, that is if Will is still alive. Became a friend of the family. He’s in Billings. “Didn’t know there were any of these still around, the pictures I mean. We exchanged pleasantries, and I took out the old post card. A new record was also set for the biggest trout fish caught and released. It would serve to imitate a small rodent. I smiled and inserted the card back into the postcard rack. The fish in that picture weighed 410 pounds, one of the bigger ones we took out of the creek down below here, but there were others like him. Waterfowl flushed from a pool around the creek’s bend. Come to find out, Will Starnham was 95 years old and he was the patriarch of Starnham Land & Livestock, aka the Crescent J. As long as the size was close to a prairie dog, and we moved it just right, the fish would hit it.” Will commenced telling me about the various giant trout he landed, or “towed in” via tractor. That’s why I was surprised there was still a postcard left. Had his reasons for wanting things this way. The Big Trout is a 10-metre-high fibreglass model in Adaminaby, New South Wales, Australia, a popular fishing spot for trout. All of a sudden, the line went slack as the fish headed downstream toward me. The fishermen who were fishing using a gill net reportedly tried to revive the fish when they realized how big it was but it was “too late”. The International Game Fish Association's current world record for brook trout is 14 pounds 8 ounces and was caught in July 1916. Spiderwire line and saltwater hook held fast and I followed the fish upstream, holding the rod high. If you see something, we’ll head down to that section of the stream and check things out. Magpies made their unique racket, and the occasional song of a Meadow Lark sounded forth. I trained the binoculars on the stream and began my search. When he settled down, I’d head back to the tractor, snub up the cable, and drag him to the barn for butchering. Maybe a prairie dog had met an untimely end. Then, taking another dip of Copenhagen, he called for Laura. Prairie dogs chirped and scrambled hither and thither across the meadow. Under a thick fog of pain killers, I heard Tom ask me how I was doing. Montana. I’m not sure where you’re fly rod is.” I laid there trying to process the information. They prefer cold water, but somehow, kind of like a steelhead smolt is able to transition from fresh to saltwater, the giants can survive huge temperature swings. By Hale Harris April 1, 2020 . Ben brings me this to keep me sane. It’s home to active volcanoes, spouting geysers, thermal springs, thunderous waterfalls, vast inland glaciers and one of the cleanest environments you can experience. For now, I’d hang onto him as long as I could and hope for the best. From this vantage point we can scan over a mile of the creek. Doctor’s orders. These trout did that all the time—I mean leap out of the water, grab a prairie dog, and work their way back into the stream. Now take that concept to the extreme. I guess I’d been looking at a patient in the hospital bed next to me. To begin, how does a trout survive the environment it would be exposed to between Montana and the Gulf of Mexico. The fish remained motionless and I took the time to catch my breath. I could tell he’d once been tall, but now He sat in a wheel chair, his body tilted to one side. Standing by the small, muddy stream, I felt ridiculous holding a twelve-weight rod and a fly of this size, but in light of the creature I hoped to encounter, I certainly wasn’t over-gunned. And next time, I might have to borrow a tractor. The picture was different from every giant, fake-fish postcard I’d seen before. He lived in Billings Heights and wasn’t overly friendly until I mentioned Starnham, his father, and the “fish.” He agreed to meet me at a City Brew coffee shop in west Billings and he came in carrying a large file folder. He nodded at me and gave me a firm hand shake. I worked the giant fly across the small pool. When those big trout took the bait, there was a hell of a commotion. Then I snatched the card back and looked closer. It involves a 32.65kg trout fish that was caught by trolling on the same Great Bear Lake where the latest largest trout was also caught. He had a large hook jaw, but his head was small in proportion to his body, and his body spread out and nearly covered the pickup bed. It feeds on prairie dogs, but not just any prairie dogs—the ones in this part of eastern Montana. June is the time of year the critters would swim across the creek now and again—maybe to visit relatives or colonize the other side. Despite being the biggest lake trout ever caught, it did not replace the current record holder which weighs less than the 83 pounds. “You and your family have caught trout—this fish in the picture looks like a trout—that weigh upwards of 300 pounds! And fish. This means that the current world record holder for the biggest trout fish ever caught remains the same. The World’s Largest Trout. This was all before the Pick-Sloan dams were built on the Missouri.”, “Uh huh,” I said blankly, trying to process the information about trout entering the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico.

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