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Race Details. Wisdom But do enjoy your e5-e10 BUD increase! This is similar to other tank health shares, EXCEPT she only shares the full 25% if she's actually tanking. 16 (+3) At this stage she's clearly better for me than Hitch or Vlahnya under normal circumstances, which is a little annoying because now I have another slot to think about when making formations because I haven't used these guys for ages. Party Crashers (Walnut) is one of the Adventures in the campaign Founders' Day . With gear, I imagine this could hit e125 or so. You can build up Pen-Paws on a previous level, then move Walnut back to a non-tanking position or even bench her. I never have guessed. Wood Elf Is it good? When she leaves wolf form, the stack count decreases every 4 seconds until she enters wolf form again. Day 3 I dropped her and haven't used her since. Taking a vacation and making me think for myself.... shame on you. This effect is doubled when Walnut is in wolf form. The screenshots are literally from my 1st freeplay with Walnut. Well now I feel like I'm missing something. If you complete the current area, you go to the next one whether you want to or not, so if you want to farm that area for her buff... you have to start over from scratch. Finish the quest and hanging around for a bit? This will give you TONS of time to make use of the extra damage. Overall for me Walnut is a massive disappointment (since I really wanted a tank option that didn't cost me one of my best buffers) and doesn't really work at all. I'm really digging Walnut so far. Charisma Images/Research Screencaps At first, I thought this maybe had to do with Arkhan. Tools for the Job Charm (Healing, Support, or Gold Find Champions) — Penelope increases the damage of all Champions by 100% for each Champion affected by this charm. And I am pretty sure I've not seen that e4 dps buff over Hitch, since I lose about e4-e5 dps putting Walnut in. Walnut occupies Slot 8 (Delina/Hitch) and serves as a Support or Tank. I think this was a mistake, and I'd much rather see a Pen-Paws item than a Wolfnut item. Even with Arkhan Usurping her buff, the reliance on getting kills quickly and the BUD system makes for an unpleasant experience. She'll be better than Tyril (and Aila since Aila provides no tanking buffs), which then frees up Tyril for the stronger Moonbeam buff. Base Attack: Elf Form: Walnut attacks the closest enemy with her scimitar. Walnut buffs the party based on the number of enemies recently killed, and can transform into a wolf to help hold off enemies attacking the formation. Haha. But alas, it's not to be.Reference Delina formation - 9e130Delina in the back - 6e122Again, Qillek is ungeared, and might bump this number up to e125 range or so. But Walnut is full nuts ahead whether I'm here or not! Nice try, Spurt. In terms of her tanking ability, I've found her to have much lower survival rates than Nayeli and even Evelyn, as well as much lower buff rates. Only did no spec and first spec, was this different? That seems important. I've got the bug though. Black Viper with Walnut, 1 Temporary Alliance ally - 5.33e51Black Viper with Hitch, same ally - 4.16e50 Somehow, with a Temporary Ally and Documancer at 0%, she's gaining a buff GREATER than what Hitch puts out. Like Qillek, once she's fully epic and preferably shinied up a little she'll probably see a decent amount of use for me. It's very odd. On boss levels, you can expect to get 10 stacks from the minion mobs. Age This also increases your BUD. I'm a bit late to the party, as I went out of town for the 4th. I don't have too much to say about this one. My feelings on this are very mixed. Slot 1 - All Champion DPS%Slot 2 - Documancer%Slot 3 - Job Done%Slot 4 - Wolfnut%Slot 5 - Ultimate Attack Damage%Slot 6 - Ultimate Cooldown Reduction%. Documancer increases the damage of all Champions adjacent to Walnut by 5% for each enemy killed in a given area. Caps at 50 stacks. 10 (0) 62 When you reach the next stage, immediately use a few Ultimates to kill the first mobs that arrive to power up your Documancer buff. Who knows if CNE will correct this issue. Regardless of being on a previously cleared stage or not: 0 kills = 0% Documancer = 0% damage boost and 400% of 0 is still 0. Pen-Paws: Increase the effect of Documancer for every 2 seconds that Walnut is in wolf form, stacking additively. Thanks for the guide. So I subbed in Strix and made a few re-arrangement, and the same issue persisted. With a Firebreath potion and familiars, this usually only has to be done every 3rd or 4th stage. The only reason to get her as a tank is if you do not have access to a second tank that buffs. View Mobile … Right now it seems like Walnut will be best used for me for her ultimate against armored bosses (similar to Donaar, I suppose) and for Azaka farming. Role This allows you to get everyone a boost, but it doesn't buff Documancer any more than it already is. Extended Warranty offers a 2x increase, and extends the range to cover most spots in formation. Basically once I hit a wall I have to go back 5-10 levels to one I can easily finish, then skip back ahead to say, 1-2 behind the wall, farm gold for a bit. It caps at 50 stacks (enemies killed) and resets when changing areas. Lawful Neutral Currently, Nayeli is providing a straight 1000% DPS per mob tanked, while Evelyn is yielding 25% of 1e5% (or 2.5e4%) per mob tanked. Something's amiss! This shield remains even if she reverts back to elf form. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the idlechampions community. Delina needs Elf/Dwarf buffers for Asharra, and Walnut could have been a great boost. you should read more of NEW … Make sure to stay on the area after you clear it to take advantage of this so it impacts your BUD! Then I read the buffs, and I didn't understand what was going on in-game. Just to confirm, I even respec'ed with a Potion of Specialization, and moved Walnut to Co-Signers. For example, you are fighting the level 50 boss, defeat the 10 monsters, switch to another formation to swap out ultimates, her documency drops from 10 stacks to 0. kills and do a whole bunch of other mess before you go to the stage you really want to clear. Too bad you missed the initial Walnut whose ult didn't have the 0.5s constraint and would shred through armored bosses instantaneously. It seemed like it was just an error with the Base DPS calculation. Walnut is a child of the Enclave Panax Anima, an all-female clan of woodland defenders within the Kryptgarden Forest. Maybe on the lower end of things. Because I can steamroll my way until I hit a wall, but then get pushed 5-10 levels back, getting destroyed by creatures I was killing in seconds when I first went through the level.

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