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ikea pax drawers instructions

You shared that you wallpapered after the drawers and shelves (on the hanging side) were in place and then primed. We moved it inside the pax unit and that top drawer is actually a drawer designed for the shallower frame, so it’s half the size of the standard drawers, allowing space for an enclosed electrical box behind it. Using the vanity in our adjacent bathroom as the guide for how we wanted the drawer fronts to look, we opted for a flat front, which is a nice streamlined look and also lower effort than a shaker style. Did you prime first? But, it does seem like a TON of work for a DIYer, and that you would need a professional carpenter to help with all the details. We also used glue to add shoe moulding to cap off the space between the baseboard and the floors. Our biggest learnings from using a spray gun on a few projects now are: 1) preparation is everything, make sure to mask effectively and to totally cordon off the doorways, 2) make sure to spend the extra time cleaning your sprayer between uses, it will absolutely make or break your finish, 3) make sure you test spray a low visible area (or the masked off area) to ensure proper paint flow and that your coat is not too thick, 4) make sure to have a lot of light sources when you’re spraying so you can catch any drips early, and 5) use a low grit (extra fine) sandpaper to smooth out any missed drips or errant spray between coats. Did you screw the new fronts of the drawers to the old ones? We’re so thrilled with how it came together! This limited our options down to hanging rods, drawers and shelves. Whereas with the shoe shelves I’m stuck to always putting my shoes there. So inspiring and such fun to marvel! We’re looking at the deeper frames on one side and shallow on the other as well for the same reason as you to have a wider walkway but curious if that’s enough with hangers. I am having the same troubles you had sourcing the poplar boards from my local HD or Lowes. How did you handle the transition between vertical trim and baseboards? So that explains why nothing is sticking. I am going to try this in a high end flip we are currently working on. I love your choice of color too. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Is there any reason why you must install the back panel? We’re trying to decide if we should also Pax and then add customization like this as well. Thank you so much for sharing all this info, this is absolutely STUNNING and I cannot wait to see if my husband and I can figure out how to do this in our much smaller space. Can I hire you to come do this at my house!?!!?! The drawer fronts were actually simpler than expected, where we used the same 1/2 inch Poplar board and just cut it down to size. Its made all of my items much more sturdy and durable. The shallower drawer installed perfectly into the deeper unit and looks exactly the same as the other drawers from the front . Thank you so much! This is amazing work! I’m so inspired by this. We’re trying to build built-in closets in our closet-free brownstone and we’re not sure where to begin since our ceilings are 11 ft. Woof! Was putting a shelf divider on top of a shelf an issue? We couldn’t use nails here, because there was no solid surface for them to grip into or they might have become visible on the inside of the units. I will warn you, this primer, Zinnser BIN Shellac Primer, is awful to use – it’s runny and high-fume, so I would recommend wearing a respirator and having some patience. I understand you took out the drawers and shelfs but what about all the attachments that keep the shelf’s in place? But, once you get the hang of it, the closet wasn’t too different from spraying walls or furniture. Would greatly appreciate any input! Thank you! I had much better luck painting my closet shelves with BIN, which I did outside in the hot sun. This wasn’t our first carpentry project, but it was definitely our biggest one to date. on Hacking the IKEA Pax into a Fully Custom Closet, Hacking the IKEA Pax into a Fully Custom Closet, https://erinkestenbaum.com/2018/11/07/one-room-challenge-fall-2018-the-reveal-week-six-master-bedroom-closet/, https://www.chrislovesjulia.com/master-closet-ikea-pax/, http://sarahgunn.com/one-room-challenge-the-reveal-2/, https://www.domino.com/content/ikea-pax-wardrobe-closet-jenny-komenda-little-green-notebook-hack/, WEEKEND READING, Vol.

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