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interactive problem solving games

Practice your problem solving skills with this interactive math game for kids. Fill the tub and make some bubbles with Peg and Cat! Estimation, Scientific Reasoning, Physics. Balance the bird feeder with different objects. Can you get the frog to land on all the stones without getting stuck? Pick'M from the puzzle, then Stick'M to create your own! Stories/Books, Estimation, Reading, Measurement, Building, Vocabulary, Inventions, Computer, Measurement, Stories/Books, Reading. Check out this fun frog jump game for kids. Healthy Eating, Gardening, Problem Solving. Catch and zap those crazy little fuzzballs! Compete in ring spin, hurdles, and archery with Cookie Monster! Keep Big Mouth from eating the chickens in space! There are currently 675 word problems available. Help Martha get all the mixed up dogs in order. Patterns, Math, Numbers, Problem Solving. Help Super Peg and Cat Guy stop the Arch Villain! 5 Interactive Problem Solving Games for Adults and Kids 1. Check out this non-fiction text about measurement! Crack the code and get into top secret areas in headquarters. Help Nick and Sally restore order in Toborrowland! Odd things are happening all over town. Counting, Animals, Geometry, Patterns, Numbers, Problem Solving, Measurement, Estimation. Stories/Books, Reading, Design, Inventions, Stories/Books, Wildlife, Reading, Inventions. Maps, Addition, Competition, Geometry, Problem Solving, Measurement, Healthy Eating, Math. Can you help find them? Problem Solving. Build a rocketship and complete space quests! Find the buried treasure with Clifford, T-Bone and Cleo! What will you find? Summer, Dress Up, Roles, Dance, Photography, Halloween, Winter Holidays, Patterns, Actors, Problem Solving, Performing on Stage, Volume, Estimation, Numbers, Problem Solving, Measurement. Help save Ruff's plushy from the penguins! Play bugball with D.W. on the magical island of Ukubonga. Problem Solving, Deductive Reasoning, Robots, Math, Building, Physics, Oceans, Gravity, Design, Science Projects. Crack the code and get into top secret areas in headquarters. Check out these awesome inventions inspired by animals! Building, Physics, Oceans, Gravity, Design, Science Projects. Geometry, Math, Problem Solving, Measurement. Biology, Art, Create, Wildlife, Environment, Scientists, Habitats, Ecosystems, Science Projects. Decorate birthday cakes with Peg and Cat! Can you help fly Sid and May's new airplane? Rating: 8.8/10 - 106 votes. Fun Interactive Problem Solving Game - Snail Bob 2. /* math btm 728 */ Frog Jump Game. Watch out for flying pie! Have fun and enjoy these free problem solving games for kids. Mountains, Olympics / Sports, Patterns, Numbers, Problem Solving, Winter Holidays. Experiments, Friendship, Adventure, Problem Solving, Addition, Geometry, Counting, Shapes, Problem Solving, Jobs, Helping, Hygiene, Problem Solving, Measurement, Dress Up, Counting, Addition, Math, Numbers, Problem Solving, Subtraction. Find cool number problems and exercises as well as challenges that will test your logical thinking and reasoning abilities. Design and build a sturdy boat to race along the rapids with the Nature Cat crew. Which team will be on top when time runs out? Help Dr. O diagnose and cure the agents' odd diseases. Topmarks Education. Addition, Numbers, Subtraction, Problem Solving, Measurement. Addition, Math, Counting, Subtraction, Problem Solving. Protect the sheep from the wolf but don’t forget to protect the cabbage from the sheep. Give this educational brain teaser a try and find out. SciGirls. School, Sharing, Social Skills, Helping, Problem Solving, Friends. Enjoy this bridge crossing game, a classic problem solving activity that takes some thought to solve. Videos and activities hosted by Agent Olympia! Getting everyone over to the other side of the river isn't going to be easy but the solution isn't as difficult as you might first think. Find the hidden toy for Epidermis the camel. Give it a try and find out! Help people across the bridge but remember that it’s dark and the lantern only lasts for a maximum of 30 minutes. Thinking Blocks Thinking Blocks is an engaging, interactive math tool developed by classroom teachers to help students learn how to solve multistep word problems. Draw observations with your favorite scientists! Earth Science, Wildlife, Scientific Reasoning, Animals, Nature.