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The older, east side of the present home, which includes the great room and master chamber, was built by Jonathan Alden in the late 1600s. The book sold 10,000 copies in London in a single day. Capt. [40], Several artifacts attributed to John Alden are exhibited at major museums. [30] John Alden became one of the leading men of the new town of Duxbury and a key figure in the colony. Bradford wrote that Alden "was hired for a cooper, at South-Hampton, wher the ship victuled; and being a hopefull yong man, was much desired, but left to his owne liking to go or stay when he came here; but he stayed, and maryed here" (spelling is Bradford's original). He was captain of the Plymouth Colony militia and documentation indicates that at his burial, the militia company attended in formation. He died on 14 Feb 1697 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA, US. She died between June 12, 1696 and October 5, 1722. [33], John and Priscilla Alden had ten children. [17], While some historians state that the courtship story is "loosely based"[20] on Alden family oral history, others dismiss it as complete fiction. Grants were drawn by lot, so the location of Alden's farm was not his selection. As to his quality in our militia, he was a leader, and I dare say rather loved than feared of his company. He earnestly desired the enlargement of Jerusalem, and inwardly lamented that the ways to Zion did mourn, because so few did flock to her solemn feasts; but is now united to that general assembly, where is no more cause of sorrow on that account. No sound of rallying drum, nor shrillest trumpet will awaken him, till the general muster, when the Son of God will cause that trumpet to be blown, whose echoes shall shake the foundations of the heavens and the earth, and raise the dead. [1], Ruth was born about 1636 and died in Braintree, Massachusetts on October 12, 1674. Abigail was born in 1644/1645 in Barnstable, Barnstable, MA, US. Father: Samuel Prentis COBB Mother: Prudence Tennant DYCKMAN Family 1: Orrin Henry BARNHART . The site of his first house in Duxbury is preserved and marked with interpretative signage. She married Alexander Standish, son of Myles Standish, about 1660 and had eight children. [18][19], The funeral sermon was delivered by Rev. [1], John Alden was the last survivor of the signers of the Mayflower Compact. John Alden signed the document, which is an indication that he had already made the decision to remain with the settlers. [29], In 1632, Alden was one of several men who petitioned the colony to have Duxbury set off as a separate church congregation with their own minister. John Alden (l. c. 1598-1687 CE) was a member of the crew of the Mayflower, serving as the ship’s cooper (barrel maker), on the historic voyage of 1620 CE which established the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts, North America. [21], Plymouth colonist and son of Mayflower immigrants. Jonathan Alden (John) was born about 1633 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA, US. He married fellow Mayflower passenger Priscilla Mullins, whose entire family perished in the first winter in Plymouth Colony. Page 133 Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Volumr Sixteen (John Alden), Part 1; published by The General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1999, page 130 previous Information was taken from the Alden Kindred website [1] Mayflower Families Vol. Her nephew, Lawrence Bradford, searched the burial ground and found the original broken base that matched the bottom edge of the tombstone. [32], The Alden's first Duxbury home site and the Alden House Historic Site were together granted National Historic Landmark status in 2008. "[21], In 1626, the colony's financial backers in London, known as the Merchant Adventurers, disbanded. He also played a controversial role in dealings with Native Americans in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia during King William's War. [1], Jonathan was born about 1632 and died in Duxbury on February 14, 1697. John and Priscilla Alden, who had three children at that time, received 100 acres along the Bluefish River in the area known as Duxbury (sometimes spelled Duxburough or Duxborrow at that time). FREEMAN: In 1633 Plymouth list of freemen, among those admitted prior to 1 January 1632/3 [PCR 1:3] and in list of 7 March 1636/7 [PCR 1:52].In Duxbury sections of lists of 1639 … Jonathan Alden Sr. (c. 1632 – February 14, 1697), the son of Mayflower immigrants, was a military officer and farm owner in Plymouth Colony. Little is known about her life except for a record which indicates she was alive and unmarried in 1688. Rebecca was born about 1640. Because they would be settling in New England, the patent became irrelevant and some members began to question the authority of their leaders. Alden was one of Plymouth Colony's most active public servants and played a prominent role in colonial affairs. [5], Alicia Crane Williams analyzed these and several other theories in The Mayflower Descendant, a scholarly journal of Pilgrim history and genealogy. In 1681, Alden was made a lieutenant and, in 1689, he was made a captain of the Duxbury company. [24], Alden was elected Governor's Assistant (one of a small council of advisors to the Governor) in 1632 and was regularly reelected to that office until 1640 and then again from 1650 to 1686, because of he was deputy from Duxbury from 1641 to 1642, and from 1645 to 1649, and soldier in Captain Miles Standish's company from 1643. These include the halberd blade discovered in the 1960 archaeological dig at the Alden first house site in Duxbury, the Alden family bible, and a mortar and pestle attributed to John and Priscilla Alden, all of which are displayed at Pilgrim Hall Museum. He married Abigail Hallett on December 10, 1672, and had six children. Capt. Neighbours and friends, we are assembled this day in a posture of mourning, to solemnize the funeral of the present deceased, to pay our last tribute of respect to a person well known among us. This agreement to grant the Undertakers a monopoly was signed by the 37 freemen of Plymouth Colony. 1681–1739). Jonathan Alden. But, let me tell you, this day he has acted one posture before your eyes, and you are all at a stand! [12][13], Jonathan Alden's brother John Alden Jr. (c. 1626–1702) was convicted and imprisoned for witchcraft in the Salem witch trials in 1692. [22] These men who averted financial ruin for the colony became known as the "Undertakers". Their original destination had been the mouth of the Hudson River, which was then part of the Colony of Virginia. [25], Plymouth Colony held a patent entitling them to a monopoly on the fur trade at the Kennebec River in what would later become Maine. Ichabod Wiswall:[20][b]. He married Mary Southworth by 1674 and had six children. BIRTH: 7 Jul 1852, Schoolcraft, Kalamazoo Co., MI, USA ; DEATH: 18 Feb 1926, San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA, USA . [12], The decision to settle outside of Virginia Colony raised some problems. Alden served on the colony's Council of War, an important committee to decide on matters pertaining to the defense of the colony, in 1642, 1643, 1646, 1653, 1658 and 1667. He stepped over his youth, without the usual stains of vanity. [2], The only definite primary source evidence regarding John Alden's background comes from Plymouth Colony Governor William Bradford's history, Of Plymouth Plantation. Her grave and that of her husband are in the Old Commons Cemetery in Little Compton. No part of the tale is supported by 17th century documentation. Another theory cited by Banks, which he called "a fair presumption", involves a John Alden of Southampton who "may have been the son of George Alden the fletcher, who disappeared – probably dying in that year – leaving John, an orphan, free to take employment overseas. Jonathan was buried in the Old Burying Ground in Duxbury. The original tombstone—the oldest extant carved gravestone in the cemetery—is now preserved in a marble frame on that spot. A tribe known as the Patuxet (part of the Wampanoag peoples) had settled the site and cleared a large area of land for planting corn. At Jonathan Alden, we believe that even today, 400 years since, community and craft are still inseparable. It is the first known instance of a sermon being delivered at a Plymouth Colony burial indicated changing religious customs. [19], The marriage of the two young colonists has been widely depicted in art and literature primarily due to the extraordinary popularity of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's narrative poem The Courtship of Miles Standish, published in 1858. Jane, the widow, may have been his mother and Richard and Avys his grandparents". He was the fifth of ten children born to John Alden (c. 1598–1687) and Priscilla Mullins (c. 1602–c. The site is now part of the Duxbury school campus and is located next to a playing field. John Alden may be descended from an Alden family that was residing in the parish of Harwich, Essex, England: a family that was related, by marriage, to the Mayflower 's master Christopher Jones. He married Elizabeth (Phillips) Everill on April 1, 1660, and had fourteen children. [36][1], Sarah was born about 1634 and died before the settlement of her father's estate in 1688.

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