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mcnab dog breeders

Home About Contact. Facebook is showing information to help you better … Page Transparency See More. Life span averages 10–15 years. We will continue to add updates as they become available. Create your PuppyMatch profile in just 3 minutes to save time and find your perfect puppy. Temperament& Personality: Personality: The main thing about this dog is that he has herding capability. Get matched with up to 5 dog breeders with puppies for sale based on your lifestyle. Alabama Since they have been bred primarily for performance and not looks, the McNab has very few genetic problems. The McNab Dog or the McNab Shepherd is a medium-sized working dog developed in the Mendocino County in Northern California. Dog Breeder. Herding dogs are some of the most intelligent and active breeds of the dog world, and McNab Shepherds are no exception. Addie. Its appearance can vary considerably, as its triangular ears can be either floppy or pricked and its tail either long or naturally bobbed. McNab or McNab Shepherd or American Border Collie, McNab Sheepdog, McNab Cattle Dog are all the same breed of working dog. Purchase fee $1,000. "The McNab Dog is truly a unique breed in that it is a native stockdog of Northern California via the Grampian Hills of Scotland. They traditionally have bobbed tails, though some McNab breeders leave their tails on – many are born "naturally bobbed." These breeders have McNab Shepherd puppies produced from parents who are registered with the McNab Shepherd Registry. Whether your sport is flyball, Frisbee, obedience and agility or herding and search and rescue or you want a companion to hike, bike or run with you. McNabs are also very people-oriented. Most breeders have made a mistake of buying the breeds that are not healthy. You don’t own a McNab, a McNab owns you your family and all your possessions. This produces McNab Shepherds with a fine heads up stature, tight footed athletic qualities, a strong heading instinct, amazing herding ability, and deep loyalty. The first mention of this breed is in 1885 during the ranch and farming days of the young state of California. My Dog Breeders. We breed and raise top quality athletic performance McNab Cattle Dogs to be strong competitors with stamina, courage, speed, heart and a willingness to please. The breed started in the United States of America with stock brought from Scotland. It has cat-like feet with a lack of dew claws on their rear feet. Alexander McNab came to the United States from Glasgow, Scotland in 1868 and settled on a large spread which is now known as the McNab Ranch. Call for more information. McNab Dog Breeders, Mcnab Stockdogs. Chap. Ethical breeder conduct Our Imported Welsh sheepdog's expecting a litter from Addie and Chap this Fall 2020. John McNab’s is responsible for the Breed known as the McNab. They have been wormed and first set of shots. 9 weeks old. Get Matched These are founding breeders who have requested or agreed to be listed publicly at this time. His work as a breeder was the beginning of what would eventually become one of the most versatile dogs in the canine world; the McNab Shepherd. We have 3McNab puppies. We have high standards for our "Herding Heritage stock dog" breeding program which includes McNab Stock dog lineage from established respected bloodlines, as well as the Mendocino county land-race heritage breeding: Sage Horn lines,Lone Pine ranch lines, Covelo shepherds, Ranch bred border collie lines, and an infusion of a very old line of Australian kelpies. Occasionally a litter will include tri-colored McNabs. has over 10,000 Dog Breeder and Puppy listings. In classic McNab style, the dogs are predominantly black and white or red and white color. Born on mother's day 2020 2 Tri colored 1 sable Tails docked 3 males These pups are so smart and learn fast. Get Matched with McNab Breeders using PuppyMatch. The most common diseases that are likely to affect them are patellar luxation, leggs perthes, and hip dysplasia among others. The original stock for this breed was the Scottish Border Collie. Welsh Sheepdogs. The longer-haired McNab may need some brushing, but the breed has a tendency to groom itself expertly. The following is a list of DNA Registered Breeders of McNab Shepherds. To learn more about the Welsh sheep dogs go to their page. They have good manners, good personality, and good hygiene.

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