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As you could tell from the first photo, even when you have the money of a Kardashian your hair is still going to get damaged. Unfortunately, her hair has taken the fall for all the work she has had done to it over the years. Beyonce has even gone as far as showing it off on Instagram and as part of many of her latest stage shows, as she seemingly turns a corner in her career. Wigs are something that are taking over and celebs who have been able to style wigs so that it looks as though it's real hair are a big reason for this. The damage clearly does no bother her too much. Gwen Stefani has always had an iconic look and her Marilyn Monroe-style bleached blonde hair always seemed as though it was hard to maintain without damaging her natural hair. Other celebs like Naomi Campbell just cannot seem to be bothered. We though so. This all changed a couple years ago and now she has morphed into a tall blond version of her sisters thanks to plastic surgery and her glam squad. While her hair has stayed relatively the same over years, don't think it has not been damaged just as much as a celebrity who changes their hair up often. Thankfully if for some freak reason Rihanna was to lose all her hair and somehow not be a super rich celebrity, she would still have a gorgeous face that would look good even if she was bald. Kim Kardashian-West's flowing black locks have become iconic ever since she first appeared on TV and many fans are actually unaware that the reality TV star herself confirmed that her hair is a wig. And she knows she looks gorgeous no matter, which is most likely where all her power comes from. Gwen has been rocking her famous platinum blonde locks for years and her hair has done down the path of other female celebs who bleach their hair. There are celebrities on this list that we know are going bald because of the wear and tear their hair has had to endure. Whoever makes her wigs for her has probably made enough money to live well for the rest of their lives. The late Michael Clarke Duncan was a sensitive and soulful giant, one who seemed more comfortable as the kindhearted death-row inmate of The Green … Lucy Liu may have changed up her style a few times throughout her career, which has included cutting her signature hair, but she has never actually changed it. Like Ariana Grande, Zendaya has been a celebrity since she was young. When we look at her hair, beautiful as Gwen is, all we can hear is the crunch it would make if we were to touch it. She is 47-years-old now (shocking we know) and she shows no stop of bleaching her hair at this point. What about the constant stress to her own hair? Unlike many of the stars on this list, Alicia is happy to style her own hair and likes to show off her natural locks. When Keeping Up With The Kardashians began 75 years ago, Khloe always seemed like the odd one out when it came to older sisters Kim and Kourtney. Wigs are becoming so natural looking and stylists are stepping up their game to the point now where it's hard to tell what Katy's real hair looks like. From eminent leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Winston Churchill, to sports icons like Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant, there are many names in the list of world-famous bald people. Kerry Washington's hair has always been the thing that has stood out and the actress used to relax her hair so that it could be styled much easier when she was on film sets. Jude himself has since started to wear these in real life as well as the pressure to maintain an image in society has caught up with him. The actress has incredible hair stylists who are always able to allow her wigs to blend in with her natural skin tone, which is why it's hard to tell if she has tried out a new hairstyle or if she's actually wearing a wig. And you can tell the hair she has left to work with is nothing she can rely on. There are a select few who still have natural hair and somehow manage to maintain the beauty of it despite how much they are forced to change the color or length just to fit into what it deemed stylish by society at that time. When she is all done up and styled you cannot see the damage, but when she is in her natural state her hair just looks like a damaged rats nest. In the last couple of years especially Xtina seems to be relying on bleaching her looks platinum blonde. Selena Gomez rose to fame on Disney Channel and has since moved away from that image to become the actress and singer that she is today. Another famous bleached blonde. The closest you can get is this photo of her with a bath cap on, but it shows the traction alopecia almost every celeb gets after years of weaves. “I used to try to keep my own hair teased as big as I like it, and having the bleach and all of that, it just broke off." It's not really clear why Kim started wearing wigs back before anyone even knew who she was, but her obsession with them has only grown, as have the wigs themselves actually. You know, because she's Rihanna. Somewhat. 10 Best Old School Disney Channel Songs To Add To Your Summer Playlist, 10 Instagram Posts That Prove Lady Gaga Is A True Queen, Dating For 3 Months? As a model especially, Tyra has had to put her hair through the ringer. Aside from having a totally different body type from them which she can't help, she just did not seem to have the same affinity for glam they did. The lack of hairline is hint enough. Karlie Kloss is naturally a brunette. This is one of the fastest ways to damage your hair, and like many other women who have put their hair under the same kind of duress for years she seems to be dealing with traction alopecia. Dubbed one of the first Drag Queens for a reason, Dolly has been wearing wigs since 1973 and she has been open about the damage done to her hair. Well girl, it worked for Ariana and Zendaya so we think your hair is going to be just fine! So instead of ruining what little hair she had left, she relys on wigs which she says she started to wear in 2002 because her hair simply could not handle all the wear and tear anymore. Jude Law has been struggling with a receding hairline for many years, which could be why he has been forced to wear hairpieces for many of his most recent movies. And while a lot of the celebrities we admire are naturally beautiful, it is a very competitive industry so everyone is trying to one up each other. Perhaps one of the biggest stars in the world, Beyonce used to feel the pressure to work on her image and always ensure that her hair was red carpet-ready, but this doesn't seem to be a problem for her anymore. Especially the first one on our list. Whatever is left probably won't last long. Liu admitted that her hair is so dark that she would have to bleach it to add any color, which was one of the main reasons why she has never wanted to change it. And it does not seem like she has a lot of locks left to bleach. She has shown her natural hair, showing everyone how far back her hairline is, and how much work really goes into it to transform it into a glorious mane. And it turns out it was less of decision and more of a necessity. Unlike Gwen, Katy is not willing to sacrifice her hair for a certain look. Perhaps they have just been in the game for so long that they can't be bothered as much when they were younger. Katie Holmes has been a household name ever since she was cast in her role as Joey Potter in Dawson's Creek. Gaga is a really big performer, and her crazy looks are a bit part of her draw. Dolly has been around forever, and so has her signature bleached and teased mile high hair. Gaga shared the above pic on her Insta and opened up about starting to go bald due to all the damage her hair had undergone. The actress herself revealed that she was tired of being blonde, but her character on the show was blonde so rather than dyeing her hair back, she opted to wear a wig for the entire season of the show. Much of the time, celebs choose to add some hair to their natural color to make it look fuller and thicker rather than wearing a full wig. It's something that many fans were unaware of since Hanna's hair had always been seen as blonde before this. When Britney is on stage and performing, you had better believe her hair (weave) is looking fab. Taylor Swift's hair has changed a lot over the years as she has made the transition from country artist to pop star, but her hair has always remained the same. She told People , "One day I had to wear a wig cap, and I said, 'That kind of works.' And in all honesty, Lindsay has had it rough when it comes to her career the last couple of years so it's not like she is rolling in money. Hairstyles in the celebrity world have always been the things that dictate public fashion, but in recent years it appears that many stars have chosen to wear wigs rather than dye their own hair and change the style of it as often as they need to. Luck, hair transplants, hair pieces, or are we seeing things? And in the mean time, she still looks gorgeous with her blonde pixie cut. Here is a look at some. As you can see, Tyra does not have a lot of hair and her hairline is evidence of the years of abuse her hair has gone through in the industry.

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