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speed queen vs maytag dryer

Temperature options range from air-dry up through the super-hot sanitize. We think the Maytag MEDX655DW (or the MGDX655DW gas version) is the best dryer for most people because it is simple, feels sturdy, and doesn’t cost too much. The controls are positioned on the top rear of the machine. It has enough capacity (7.0 cubic feet) to hold a full load from most washers, and the brand has an above-average warranty and a good reputation for reliability. 5. With more than 2,700 reviews at Home Depot, it averages a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 stars. 4. That's a problem because you are buying this now, not nine years ago. We couldn’t find any flaws other than a few subjective things some people might want to avoid. With Speed Queen, their front-loads were removed from the market due to mechanical issues. Maytag is a two-piece, so it may be harder to operate the dryer controls on the top. They are good at pointing out consistently reliable brands as well as calling out consistently unreliable brands. “Those things break, and they're costly and difficult to diagnose and repair,” Giordano said. The controls (a dial and knobs) felt sturdy and securely fixed to the panel. Speed Queen SF7003 Laundry Controls . Consumer Reports (subscription required) gives it an overall score of 64 out of 100, with “very good” marks for convenience and drying performance. Both Samsung and LG offer larger models to 5.8 cubic feet. Now with more options to find the right products for you, Steve Sheinkopf Power. This is the gas-powered version of our favorite dryer for people who prefer front-mounted controls. Fade to black here….I was a service manager at Yale for one incredibly miserable year of my life. Speed Queen Stackable Front Load Laundry (Reviews / Ratings / Prices), Speed Queen Stackable Front Load Unitized Unit SF7003WG, Short on time? Given the beating these machines take on a semi-regular basis, you would expect both to be solid and reliable. In the meantime, we can say that the dryers we’ve tested for our guide to the best washing machines (and their matching dryers) are all solid. If you’re looking for some guidance, you can start there—though they aren’t necessarily the best or most affordable dryers. Whirlpool, no surprise, rates about as highly as Maytag for reliability in Consumer Reports’s rankings, with an expected breakage rate of 10 percent after five years. Faster wash cycles - You can wash an entire load of laundry in 30-40 minutes using a speed queen vs. close to an hour with competitors. Front Load Washers at Yale Appliance in Boston. The most popular reason to get a dryer with front-facing controls is because it looks more like a front-load washer—purely aesthetic. This is the gas-powered version of our runner-up. We think the Maytag MEDX655DW electric dryer (or the Maytag MGDX655DW gas version) is a good choice because it’s one of the most well-built dryers you’ll find for the money, with all the features you need and none that you don’t.  |  Here is why: We feel it is our responsibility to repair your appliances after you buy them. Bad products ten years ago showing improvement can suffer from reviews nine years ago. If you prefer front-mounted controls or something that’s a tad bigger, this dryer has the same great balance of build quality, reputation, and affordability. It was a simple yet solid machine, probably the most reliable single product I have ever sold in 34 years. Every expert we spoke to agreed that the features that make a dryer more expensive don’t make it any better at drying clothes. Speed Queen's top loaders are compliant to the 2007 U.S. Department of Energy's water and energy efficiency standards for commercial washers. I’ve been writing about appliances in general for nearly six years—first as a reviewer at Reviewed.com and now as a staff writer for Wirecutter. I spent more than 50 hours talking to experts and combing through specs for 100 different dryers. We have found through experience that the energy-saver modes that qualify a dryer for Energy Star just don’t work very well. Maytag’s dispenser, however, has issues, as you will see in the next graphs. You could get a heat-pump dryer. The Maytag Top Load Washer uses 31.5 gallons per cycle and has a spin-out performance of 82.1%. If you prefer the look of front-facing controls, or want a little more capacity than our main pick, check out the Whirlpool WED75HEFW (or WGD75HEFW gas version). The Maytag MEDX655DW is a simple machine, with all the controls and features that you actually need and very little bloat like Wi-Fi, touchscreens, or steam cycles. A heat-pump dryer could pay for itself in energy savings relatively quickly. Maytag allows you to hold 14.3 ounces of detergent, so you do not have to refill every wash. Auto dispensers will dispense at the right time with the right amount of detergent. Maytag has more. "Yea sorry. The labor rates of fixing an appliance do not come close to the true cost in any product’s warranty period. That's a turntable and one big motherboard. It's also $700 cheaper. People tend to load too much detergent on their own. Full-size heat-pump dryers are also expensive, costing anywhere from $1,200 to $1,600. And just to be clear, it’s totally cool to get a matching washer and dryer set because you prefer the way the pair looks together. If you have the option to use gas, do it. It has all of the most important features—an end-of-cycle alert, moisture sensor, temperature control, drum light, wrinkle-prevent mode—and little more. The average top-load has about 2.3 cubic feet without the agitator. We now have 30 service technicians, each averaging 8-10 calls a day Monday through Friday, plus another 110 on Saturday. So if you don’t care if your dryer matches your washer, we recommend looking for a simple, sturdy dryer because it’ll work just as well as models that cost hundreds more. The average cycle time is about double that of a regular vented dryer. I am not bashing Consumer Reports, at least they try. Others find the front-facing lint traps easier to clean. It usually costs a little less and has a slightly, if insignificantly, cheaper feel to the controls. These are simple but sturdy dryers that can handle big loads of laundry from most washing machines.

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