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what does an occupational health nurse do

Emergency and Critical Care backgrounds are a plus. Proving our worth The traditional Occupational Health Nurse most likely has a mini clinic set up within the company. Sometimes walk-ins will come in for an ibuprofen, band aid, antacid etc. Many employees will come to you asking for medical advice. Trying to provide best care and give patients what they need with the restrictions of insurance companies is not easy. What could an OHN do on a regular day? concept quickly with our facility being the first customer of our newly duties as assigned. Is there anything else about being an OHN that is important for people to know? We still work under orders—our standing orders and procedures are our bible. It is not uncommon to see a person with a heart attack or blood pressure that is too high, diabetic problems, or seizures, just to name a few. Occupational nursing dates back to the end of the 1800s, with the first record of a nurse taking care of Pennsylvania coal miners and their families. autonomously. We operate under strict guidelines. employee health program was very weak, and we identified many opportunities to It is the most rewarding position I have worked in. An Occupational Health Nurse provides and delivers health and safety programs and services to workers and community groups. Any work related injury is discussed with Safety and with the employee; options are addressed and a mutual decision is made based on the needs of the employee.” – Jeanette Young, RN, A: “ That is often site-specific; some places work with chemicals, gasses, etc, so often chemical burns, inhalation problems, etc. 4000 Hempfield Blvd Ste 992 Greensburg, PA 15601, 3990 Enterprise Court Aurora, IL 60504, 420 Lancaster Ave Malvern, PA 19355. We perform pre-employment post offer assessments; identify and assess risks from hazards in the workplace; medical surveillance that may affect our employees; advise on occupational health, safety, and ergonomics; first aid; and prevention of occupational disease and accidents. Occupational and environmental health nurse… In this post, we’re spotlighting the occupational health nurse (OHN). pre-employment post-offer nursing assessments, medical surveillance, drug “ An Occupational RN, by definition, takes care of employees at a work site and in many cases, this service extends to the family of the employee. was meeting their needs. If nurses want to become OHNs, what would you say to health is a specialty field with a generalist approach. All treatment and procedures are ordered by an MD, and because of this, the challenges facing nursing and healthcare at this time are tremendous. employees and helping them through their medical and vocational issues. This is considered a Total Worker Health approach, since the Depending as to the urgency of the injury, we have often time to give the employee options as to how he would like to proceed.” – Jeanette Young, RN, A1: “ Depending on the site and shift, I begin anywhere from 5-7 AM, (unless on night shift), do all my checks, bag check, vaccine fridge check, AED check, emails. We provide various workplace on-site testing and first-aid services to ensure safe productivity, so your employees can get back to work on site. profession is truly an interprofessional collaboration in order to keep worker But what does an Occupational Health Nurse do and why are they needed? of setting our schedules that can change quickly depending on what the According to the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses (AAOHN) , the first occupational nurses were employed more than a century ago. Our facility appointed me to establish an initiative to start up a comprehensive Occupational Health Program to service our employers within the community. Occupational health nurses protect and promote the health of people at work. We are always consulting with Safety Consultants.” - Deborah Johnston, RN, A2: “We provide strictly first aid, triage as we assess a situation and determine if we can deal with the injury or symptom, or if the employee needs to be seen by ER, doctor, x-ray, etc. We are onsite to hand first aid injuries and triage if needed to be seen by an Occupational MD. What Is an Occupational Health Nurse? She explains what OHNs are and what they do. You will never regret taking a position in Occupational Health. An occupational health nurse is a registered medical professional who treats work-related injuries and health problems. Other places, we have back injuries, sprains, stains and the occasional break—arm, elbow, knee. Why did you decide to become an Occupational Health Nurse? screening, case management within workers’ compensation claims, and many more professionals. What kind of training/education do they need? Occupational Health is a specialty within nursing that cares for our own employees, employers within the communities, insurance companies, and community health needs. It is a win-win.”, – Jeanette Young, RN, Amerisafe Group Occupational Health Division, A2: “We do drug and fit testing for employees (at the power plants). While reflecting Many cuts, scrapes, bruises, welder burns, and the occasional small limb finger amputation. Author: Reviewed by Amerisafe Safety Consultants. We have broken teeth, foreign object in the eye injuries from welder flash to dust or metal in the eye. Two interviews were conducted. to deliver. employees at the workplace, but also their families and support they have at There is a great satisfaction knowing you are helping to keep an important company safer and many employees and Safety Supervisors will look up to you for how you have helped them.” - Deborah Johnston, RN. JTWidget = {code: 'MTQiullov0bF7CZWcayqMi0ztb0Czdq6'}; Springer Publishing Company After much training in Occupational Health, our facility opened the program in October 1986 to service our employers. An Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner, or OHNP, specializes in health and safety in corporate, industrial, governmental, and academic settings. degrees. I was an Emergency Department RN, then promoted to Director caring for emergent patients. Need an Occupational Health Nurse on your job site? Within the nursing field, there are a wide variety of specialties that nurses can pursue as a career choice. Occupational health nurses are employed by businesses and organizations to provide health services and programs to workers. Nursing Students and Setting Career Goals, The Importance of Interoperability in Nursing, Bridging the Gap from Nursing School to Nursing Practice. It can be quiet, which it mostly is, but at times, you can be on your feet most of the day. Let us show you how our safety and medical leadership skills can help your company succeed in occupational health and safety. Experience in home health is a benefit as you are independent a lot. and worker families healthy and safe. meld with the employees; team players; critical thinkers who can work needs. We have much autonomy; we are responsible for all activities in our little clinic. We work in tandem He or she may provide health care services to workers in various occupations, including factory personnel, miners, construction workers and office staff. They have direct contact with employees and are often approached with health-related questions and problems. The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses describes an occupational health nurse as someone who provides for and delivers health and safety programs and services to workers, worker populations and community groups. To help answer these questions, we’ve asked Amerisafe Group’s own Occupational Health Nurses. We clean and dress wounds, use ice and heat for sprains and strains, steri-strip for cuts or minor lacerations, use burn spray or gel covers for burns, give tetanus shots if needed, flush eyes out for foreign objects, use ace wrap for support, and triage to see if employee needs to be seen by an MD. Occupational Health Nurses are typically registered nurses, Occupational Most people assume the daily shift requires nurses to provide care; for patients under the orders of a medical doctor; nurses provide first aid care, conduct general screens such as test vitals, blood pressure, height, and weight; give routine shots; and gather all pertinent information in preparation for the doctor’s screening. By 7 AM if on day shift, the first employee for follow up will see me and after, we usually have new hire drug screening or random drug tests to conduct. Please explain. You are the employee’s nurse. The practice focuses on promotion and restoration of health, prevention of illness and injury, and protection from work-related and environmental hazards. Get more news like this - plus jobs - each week. or working in industry) will depend on the tasks that will be deemed necessary Occupational health nurses, working independently or as part of a larger multiprofessional team, are at the frontline in helping to protect and promote the health of working populations.

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