2. Coaching for Success


Developing self-aware and self-responsible learners to use the questioning, listening and feedback skills of highly successful coaches and performers for their successful lives.


2.1 – Developing Awareness and Responsibility

Applying coaching principles to raise their own awareness and to start to take responsibility for their own successful lives.

2.2 – Developing Awareness and Responsibility 2

Understanding the benefits of asking and telling.

2.3 – Questioning for Success

Understanding what makes a good question and learning to apply these in life and learning.

2.4 – Listening for Success

Listening for content and intent, recognising emotions and body language.

2.5 – Listening for Success 2

Understanding how to listen well, giving their full attention.

2.6 – GROW My Success

Using the GROW coaching model to plan and achieve goals and solve problems and for day to day conversations.

2.7 – Developing My Listening

Applying the learning from lessons 2.4 – 2.6 to practice and develop specific listening skills that students have chosen for themselves.

2.8 – Giving and Receiving Feedback

The five levels of feedback and how to use feedback to enhance learning and performance.

2.9 – Coaching in Practice

Understanding the qualities, skills and behaviours of a good coach.

2.10 – Coaching in Practice 2

Putting coaching skills into practice for their successful lives.


Each lesson includes a detailed lesson plan, student worksheet, PowerPoint and in some cases video and can be adapted to meet your needs. You can use the lesson plans fully or take some of the exercises included and add them to your own lessons…the choice is yours.


Having undertaken these lessons the students will

  • Understand the importance of Awareness and Responsibility
  • Have raised their own awareness of just what they will need to do to be successful and know that they will have to take responsibility for their own achievements
  • Understand the benefits of asking and telling and how to apply this to become more independent in their learning
  • Understand the importance of a good question in helping others solve their own challenges
  • Know how to improve their listening and ability to give feedback to be able to improve the performance of others
  • Be able to apply the learning from these lessons to take positive action to achieve their goals and resolve issues


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All lessons have been written to be delivered in one or more hour periods and are adaptable so they can be delivered in smaller chunks suitable for tutor/mentor time or shorter lessons.  Depending on the depth to which the lesson is taken and the ability range of the students you may want to extend some lessons beyond the time suggested.

All lessons have extension or home learning tasks and the programme has sufficient material to run over a whole school year (around 100 hours).

Alternatively, the lessons can all be run independently and are suitable to be delivered by non-specialist and cover staff.  You can use them to support or run alongside existing programmes or to enhance a project you are undertaking or to support learning in a particular area or subject.  They also lend themselves to being used as enrichment days, where you can use groups of lessons to support a full or half days activities.