6. Resilience for Success


Understanding why resilience is so important and what is needed to develop it for successful lives.


6.1 – What is Resilience?

Understanding just what resilience is and why it is so important in achieving their success.

6.2 – The 7Ps of Building Resilience: 1 – Place

Being in the right place for opportunities.

6.3 – The 7Ps of Building Resilience: 2 – Passion

Supporting them in finding their passion and the things they enjoy and understanding why this is so important for successful lives.

6.4 – The 7Ps of Building Resilience: 3 – Purpose

Understanding the power of purpose in building resilience and how to find it.

6.5 – The 7Ps of Building Resilience: 4 – People

The importance of finding and using a support team.

6.6 – The 7Ps of Building Resilience: 5 – Planning

A goal without a plan is a dream.  How effective planning leads to high achievement.

6.7 – The 7Ps of Building Resilience: 6 – Positive Mindset

Developing self believe and confidence.

6.8 – The 7Ps of Building Resilience: 7 – Physical Action

Without energy and effective action there can be no resilience or success.

6.9 – Videos for Teachers – the 7Ps

The 7Ps are explained through a series of short videos for teachers.


Each lesson includes a detailed lesson plan, student worksheet, PowerPoint and in some cases video and can be adapted to meet your needs. You can use the lesson plans fully or take some of the exercises included and add them to your own lessons…the choice is yours.




Having undertaken these lessons the students will

  • Understand the risks to their resilience and build protective factors to help them meet adversity
  • Learn seven steps that they can use to meet any challenges they may face
  • Learn how to develop a win/learn rather than a win/lose mentality
  • Understand the importance of taking action

All lessons have been written to be delivered in one or more hour periods and are adaptable so they can be delivered in smaller chunks suitable for tutor/mentor time or shorter lessons.  Depending on the depth to which the lesson is taken and the ability range of the students you may want to extend some lessons beyond the time suggested.

All lessons have extension or home learning tasks and the programme has sufficient material to run over a whole school year (around 100 hours).

Alternatively, the lessons can all be run independently and are suitable to be delivered by non-specialist and cover staff.  You can use them to support or run alongside existing programmes or to enhance a project you are undertaking or to support learning in a particular area or subject.  They also lend themselves to being used as enrichment days, where you can use groups of lessons to support a full or half days activities.