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Get your hands on the
Successful Lives Comprehensive Resilience Pack
for Schools, Students and Parents

If you want to help pupils succeed and achieve their full potential, the Successful Lives programme can help. If you have already looked at our full programme of 53 lessons and haven't yet taken the decision to buy them, then this comprehensive introductory pack is for you.

These resources and others we have helped develop have supported over 150,000 students in hundreds of schools to raise their aspirations and achievement.

You see I want to make it much easier for passionate teachers (just like you) to really engage with pupils (and their parents/carers) on building these important skills that will make sure they have the best chance of success at school and in work and life. And I am going to make you an incredible offer because I know that once you start using our lessons you are going to want more of them.

But before I make you that offer - here is a what you will get!

        1. LIFETIME ACCESS to Eight Lessons that you can use to build resilience in your school
        2. Lesson plans, student worksheets and classroom presentations for each lesson
        3. Ten videos that introduce you to our 7 Steps to building resilience (each from 3 - 6 minutes and based on our 20 years of experience working with successful leaders and elite performers, such as Olympians).
        4. No limit to the number of users in your school
        5. CD with all the above resources so you have a permanent copy in your school
        6. Only While Stocks Last - Just 5 left as at 27th April. A binder with the hard copy lesson plans so you can easily review and plan (we have a few binders we use with our full curriculum available and once these are gone they are gone - so order early).
        7. Telephone or e-mail support from us to help you with any of the lessons or to share best practice from other schools.

We want to make this very accessible to you and introduce you to our resources so it is available at a very special price - in fact less than half price to those people who have bought our book Building Resilience: The 7 Steps to Creating Highly Successful Lives. You pay just £147 + VAT.

But don't worry if you haven't got the book yet as you can still take advantage of this special offer by buying the book  at the same time.

But that's not all...we've added even more to

make this an easy decision for you.

School's have been asking us to create student worksheets that can be completed and saved on-line...and we have done it. These are now included with all these lessons, meaning you and your students can keep track of progress, make better use of new technology and save on printing! (Though for those who prefer it, you can still print them too).

And more...

Help yourself demonstrate to Ofsted that you are meeting the changes to the new framework from September 2015 and making an impact on personal development and pupil outcomes.

Use our 35 question resilience analysis with every student to measure how resilient they currently are and what they understand by resilience.  This is automated and with all the information being stored in your school and not in the cloud. This is based on our 7 steps (7Ps).

Run it before and after you use the lessons and track progress. You can also use it with staff too to raise awareness of the behaviours they should be role modelling.

And more...

The eight lessons are now on video, with accompanying worksheet, so they can be used by pupils without a teacher and shared with parents and carers.

So if you are time poor or want to deepen learning and make a lesson more effective, you can also ask pupils to complete these videos themselves prior to a lesson where you cover the same topic, which will have a positive impact on their learning and performance.

These video lessons are suitable for young people from year 6 through to 13, though those with special educational needs or disabilities may need support when using them. And as they are taken from exercises and activities we use with senior leaders and adults, they will be very useful for teachers and other staff, given the changes I know you are facing and the workload in schools.

Building resilience and the right mindset is important for all of us.


Our 3 month full money back guarantee - so you can buy with complete piece of mind.  If for any reason you don't believe all the above is worth what you have paid for it, then just tell us and we will refund your money.

If you haven't bought our book yet then don't worry!

You can still get all the above at our incredible low price of just £147 + VAT and you will just need to buy the book at the same time (£13.95).

Click Here to Get Your Resilience Pack and Book (You will need to key in the promo code Resil147!)

You will need to key in the following promotion code Resil147! - this will reduce the resilience pack price from £297 + VAT to £147 + VAT.

Please Note - you will be asked to pay by school credit or debit card (as this will really help us with administration and keep the price of our resources down). If you really are unable to do this and have to have an invoice then please e-mail

If you have already bought the book, through us or on Amazon, then simply go here to buy the pack for £147 + VAT. You will need your password - you can find this at the end of the book's introduction on page xxviii (the page before page 1).

Mark Solomons and Les Duggan

Who’s behind the Successful Lives Programme?

Hi, I’m Mark Solomons and together with Les Duggan and the support of teachers, we created the Successful Lives programme.

I’ve worked with lots of fantastic school leaders, teachers, and outstanding students. In my work, I meet many adults who have yet to develop the skills of success – skills such as resilience, problem solving, self-motivation, overcoming fears and positive mental attitude...

I’ve found that adults, who lack these capabilities, never achieve their full potential. In turn, opportunities slip by and they don’t lead the successful lives they desire (or deserve). As a result, some of them, as you know, end up having very challenging and unhappy lives.

Successful Lives was developed to give the new generation a much better start to adulthood.

By teaching pupils core skills that can help them take responsibility and achieve their own success, young people really do get the best possible start in life - and this comprehensive pack will make it easy for you to give them this start.

The programme has been developed on a framework of 20 years of leadership, business, and coaching experience and took over a year to develop. All the lesson plans and resources have been tried, tested and tweaked for maximum impact on your students.

I hope that you too will soon benefit from these resources.

“As a school we have seen an incredible change in many of our students and we have made exceptional progress. From a school in special measures four years ago to a recent “good” grading with many outstanding features in our recent Ofsted. While this was down to more than just the Successful Lives Programme, I’m clear that Successful Lives played its part in raising student’s aspirations and their desire to succeed.“

Laura O’Shaughnessy – Assistant Principle at a secondary school in Essex

The Successful Lives programme also has the support of ASCL professional development.

"We are really pleased to be able to support such a valuable resource which endeavours to improve the success skills of young people in schools.” Sue Bull, Director of ASCL Professional Development

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