Developing Potential Logo JPEGDeveloping Potential inspire individuals to deliver outstanding performance by challenging thinking & changing behaviour. 

Whatever your current performance or ambition Developing Potential can help you move to become consistently outstanding in everything you and your team do. We work with school leaders to fully establish their needs and then in partnership agree how we will together deliver the results they want and need.

Whether you are looking for long term support, have a short term need or want content for an inset day, we would be happy to have a conversation to see how we might support you. Please get in touch by e-mailing 

Below are some examples of what we do.


Building Resilience in Leaders and Staff

You may have seen our book Building Resilience: 7 Steps to Creating Highly Successful Lives, which provides a focus for improving outcomes for young people through teaching these wider skills in the classroom.

But it’s not just for students. With the change after change piled on schools, it isn’t a surprise that some school leaders and staff find what is now asked of them a real challenge.

How can you help your team

  • Put themselves in the right place
  • Retain their passion
  • Be clear about their purpose
  • Use a support team
  • Plan effectively
  • Maintain a positive mindset
  • Look after themselves physically; and
  • Take action

There are many easy to use strategies that can be learnt by anyone and that will improve how they feel and act. If you want to improve student wellbeing and outcomes then the best place to start is by being staff centric.  Get in touch to find out how we will support you.




Coaching and Building a School Wide Coaching Culture

From one day intensive programmes through to working with you over the longer term to build a sustainable coaching culture that brings the results you want.

We were co-founded in 1997 by an Olympic Gold Medalist and pioneer in the coaching field and working with leaders and teachers in schools, as well as business and sports leaders, we have the experience and quality to make a real impact in your school.

If you are looking for any of the following then find out how we can help you

  • Establish or improve performance management
  • Raise the contribution from all your staff members and challenge them to come up with their own solutions
  • Enable students and staff to fulfil their potential by increasing the number of outstanding lessons
  • Manage difficult conversations or conversations with ‘difficult’ staff members
  • Use coaching in meetings to improve effectiveness and outcomes
  • Create a school wide coaching culture
  • Demonstrate to Ofsted how your teachers are being supported to continually improve their performance

We deliver a coaching culture workshop for ASCL.



One day intensive workshops through to long term leadership programmes for senior and middle leaders and those with talent that you want to develop quickly to make a greater contribution in your school. If you are looking for any of the following then find out how we can help you

  • Building, leading and sustaining a high performance culture
  • Developing emotional intelligent and highly aware leaders who take responsibility for their and their teams performance
  • Exploring different leadership styles and approaches
  • Understand why people behave differently, be able to visually recognise these different behaviour preferences and to take action to comfortably and effectively adapt your own style to be able to get the best from everyone
  • Supporting your leaders and other school staff to move from their comfort to achievement zone
  • Holding powerful leadership conversations
  • Creating and implementing a school leadership vision and strategy that inspires and delivers a high impact
  • Developing school values
  • Building resilience and sustaining success

We deliver annual Outstanding Leadership and Emotional Intelligence workshops for ASCL.


Building Energy in Your School

Managing energy and not time is the key to personal and staff engagement, enjoyment, performance and results. Why it is that some staff are able to bound into work every day, tackle everything thrown at them, be resilient and remain positive, while others are worn down by the challenges and obstacles they face.

If you are looking for any of the following then find out how we can help you

  • To develop an awareness of those factors that enhance and drain personal and organisational energy
  • To take responsibility for managing your personal energy and re-energising yourself
  • To learn how to lead others to energise themselves and develop their energy, building whole staff engagement and boosting and sustaining outstanding school performance for the long term
  • Engaging staff and students and building resilience during these challenging and changing times
  • Needing to deliver more with less and successfully managing the pressure this brings

We deliver an annual programme for ASCL – New leadership: how to increase staff energy for outstanding performance


These are just some of the ways we help and in an evidence informed way, through transfering our knowledge into your school, measuring impact and helping you to embed practice as the way you do things – so it becomes a part of the culture.

It is how we ensure improving staff and student wellbeing is at the heart of what we do because this is the building block of sustained high performance. 

We also offer a quality guarantee – if for any reason you don’t think our training or support provides value for money then will will either do it again until you are happy or provide a full refund. No one has yet called on this guarantee, but we aren’t complacent and work hard to make sure there won’t be a first time! 

This allows you to buy our services with complete piece of mind.

Why not find out what we could do for you

We have worked with many schools covering short and long term engagements and this is what Park House School, who we have worked with and supported over the last two years, has to say about us.


“I have worked with Developing Potential for the last two years and they have more than surpassed my expectations. As a new academy our vision is to ensure that leadership and coaching are at the heart of our ethos.

After an initial review we agreed a long term plan and so far we have had Senior and middle Leadership Team training, one to one coaching, the development of learning coaches, support at governors meetings and much more. The feedback from staff and governors has been outstanding.

I am very excited in continuing our journey in partnership with Developing Potential and would recommend that you have a conversation with them if your goal is delivering and sustaining outstanding performance.”

Derek Peaple, Headteacher, Park House School, Berkshire


If you want to see more about what schools say then below is a link to several pages of testimonials about us.

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