What They Say

Below you can here from Laura O’Shaughnessy, Assistant Principal from an Academy in Essex explaining why she got involved with the programme and the impact it has had on her school.  This is followed by six students who share what the programme has meant for them.

These videos were made in the school and while they aren’t designed to win any production awards we hope they give you even more of a feel for the programme and what it could do for your school and students.


Laura’s Video



Here’s What Six Year 7 Student’s Have to Say

We know how busy you are so for those who would like a quick look, the first video is a short summary of highlights from the student videos that follow.


Student’s Summary Video


  Rebecca’s Video


Amy’s Video


Faith’s Video


James’s Video


Jamie’s Video


Chris’s Video


The programme builds confidence and resilience, raises ambition and provides practical steps for students to use to improve achievement and fulfil their potential. 

If you would like to see Successful Lives in your school see the options you have to buy the lessons here.