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Win/Lose or Win/Learn

Win Lose Alphabet Blocks Vertical

Do you practice win/lose or win/learn?

As a society we tend towards win/lose. You can see it all around us.

In sport we have heroes and villains and very little in between. Andy Murray wins and he is a world beater (or British) and if not then he is portrayed as a loser (or being Scottish).

The England football team are either going to win the World cup or they are useless…I could go on. And it goes for so many things in life and is why so many people don’t try things – they are afraid to fail.

Many parents, teachers and leaders, the government and the media increase the focus on success or failure. Yet we want to create learners not losers (and winners).

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The Myth of Talent

Men holding the phrase go for it. Concept 3D illustration.

In his book ‘Bounce’ Matthew Syed, now a well known Times journalist and author and formerly the British Number 1 table tennis player, talks about the myth of talent.

He starts his story talking about his very early days of table tennis,

For a period in the 1980s, this one street (where he lived) and the surrounding vicinity, produced more outstanding table tennis players than the rest of the nation combined.  One road among tens of thousands; one tiny cohort of schoolkids against millions up and down the country.

Was this about people being born in one street who were better at table tennis than everyone else?

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The Importance of Goals

GoalsThis probably isn’t the first time you have seen someone write about or heard them talk about the importance of goals.  And cliches aside, knowing the importance of goal setting and how to set goals is crucial in achieving great things and having Successful Lives.

Why is it important to set goals and how can we help our students to do this?  Well here are 5 reasons why you should help students set goals (and set them for yourself too).

1. The right Goals will help drive you forward

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Employers Want Vocational Training

Over 1,000 employers were quizzed for qualification provider City and Guilds and skills charity Edge Foundation with researchers questioning recruitment managers at a range of small, medium and large businesses in a variety of sectors across the UK.time for change

  • Nearly three quarters (72%) said they viewed vocational qualifications as essential for preparing young people for work.
  • Over half (53%) said they valued vocational qualifications in prospective employees above academic attainment.
  • Some 78% agreed that young people who preferred practical learning need a better alternative route to A-levels.
  • An overwhelming 83% said young people needed better advice on the career options open to them.
  • Some 84% also agreed that pupils needed more robust work experience while they were still at school.

The survey findings echo widespread concerns that vocational education can too often be of low quality, too short and fail to lead to jobs or further study.

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Building Resilience in Young People (10)

The 7Ps of Building Resilience: Putting it Together

Today’s society promotes personality. It promotes celebrity. It suggests quick success.

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired and success achieved.         Helen Keller

Yet in reality character is based on trial as Helen Keller said. Hers was a most challenging and yet inspiring life as she showed just what can be achieved in spite of incredible personal hardship. If you don’t know her story then it is one to research and use with your students.  Her legacy lives on today through her foundation, which continues to eradicate conditions that cause blindness and works to remove famine from the world.

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