The Successful Lives Curriculum

Fuel Gauge Ambition Measuring Enthusiasm

Do you want an inspiring student centred curriculum and lessons designed to raise ambition and achievement and build character and resilience?  One that has been developed by teachers for teachers. One that has guaranteed impact and is easy to teach…then take a look at Successful Lives.  The lessons have been run thousands of times and they work.

What is Successful Lives and What does it include?

Does your school want its students to be successful, to really achieve their potential and realise their dreams?  Success comes from having the right ambition, attitudes and skills.  This programme challenges and supports young people to think creatively, to look at their own mind-set and use their natural strengths to make a success of themselves. It has all the ingredients you need to engage both teachers and students and to support them in building character and resilience.  It is suitable for all students from ages 9 – 18.

The content is based on over 20 years of experience developing successful leaders and individuals in education, business and sport and it will ensure students develop the right early habits for their own successful lives.  It is designed to raise their awareness of just what it takes to be successful in life and to ask them to take responsibility for developing this knowledge and skills for themselves.


It covers 7 key areas.

Creating Success – Students will study successful people and learn their secrets, they will follow a process to set effective goals and take the action to deliver the results needed.  They will visualise and draw a personal success map, learn the art of personal motivation and how to build resilience to overcome the many hurdles they will meet along the way.

Coaching for Success – Students will learn how to become a performance coach who is able to successfully coach themselves and others to achieve their dreams and goals.  They will understand the benefits of asking and telling, good questioning, listening and feedback skills and how these will lead to greater personal success.

Resources for Success – Every student has enormous personal resources, including mind, body, emotion and spirit, which can be tapped into and aligned to deliver extraordinary results.  They will learn how to harness their energy by having a positive mind-set, being emotionally intelligent, having e a healthy lifestyle and find meaning and purpose in their lives.

Leading for Success – Every student has leadership capability but often they don’t recognise it in themselves. They will learn how to model successful leaders and be able to use these skills to achieve the things they want.  They will be introduced to the secrets of great teamwork and how to collaborate and work effectively together.

Presenting for Success – They will learn how to express themselves with enthusiasm and impact, with an emphasis on preparing and delivering great presentations and public speaking. This is such an important skill for success and one that is neglected and with a small amount of training and support everyone can learn how to present effectively.

Resilience for Success – the number one skill for successful lives.  How to build self-belief, confidence and the ability to bounce back from setbacks. Learn the 7 steps to building resilience and show your students just how they can use them to achieve success.

Growth Mindset for Success – The research of Carol Dweck informs our ten lessons to help each of your students develop their growth mindset. Realising they can change their intelligence and improve in anything where they decide to focus and put in effort is an import lesson. You will also be guided to avoid the misunderstandings that many educators have, according to Professor Dweck and given support to explain how the human brain is designed to improve learning (if we let it).

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Teachers have limited time so the programme is designed with flexibility in mind and can be used with little preparation – you can teach straight from the lesson plans.  So what is included?

  • So if you are looking for a resources to add to your curriculum, quickly and without the worry or hassle of having to create them yourself, this curriculum is for you. 53 one-hour lessons and around 100 hours of activities, including extension or home learning tasks
  • An inspirational development programme that can be used in PSHE, tutor time and to create enrichment days (we set out how you can join lessons together to create whole or half days)…no need to do it yourself or spend £’000′s to hire external providers.
  • A scheme of work with clear learning outcomes.
  • Detailed Lesson plans that encourage student and class discussion, enabling teachers to deliver outstanding learning.
  • Downloadable worksheets that students can use to record their discussions and action steps.
  • PowerPoint presentations to support each lesson in the classroom and videos for some lessons.
  • The opportunity to show progress of student’s personal development through the programme and individual lessons.