What is Included in the Successful Lives Programme?

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  • 63 lessons and over 100 hours of activities including extension tasks all ready for immediate use
  • Scheme of work for sections 1 – 5, with learning outcomes, assessment for learning opportunities & mapped to personal learning, independence and thinking skills
  • Detailed lesson plans that encourage student and class discussion and reflection, enabling teachers to deliver outstanding learning
  • Downloadable student worksheets that can be used to record learning and action steps (except for section 7 Growth Mindset)
  • PowerPoints to support each lesson (except for section 7 Growth Mindset for Success)
  • The opportunity to show progress of students
  • Available to adapt and use in the way that suits you and your school – as individual lessons, enrichment days, tutor time, as a complete programme or to support the learning of specific skills and qualities.

Many of the materials and exercises in the programme have been used with over 150,000 students and tens of thousands of leaders from education, business and sport.