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The Role of Well-being, Resilience and Growth Mindsets in Raising Student Attainment

There is now substantial evidence of the role well-being, resilience and mindset plays in raising student attainment. We have spent considerable time in reviewing and understanding this research and using it to inform our approach in supporting schools to both raise student attainment and also to improve the well-being of staff and students too.

As we continue to focus on academic outcomes as measured through GCSE and A2 results and progress being made within a tight group of subjects we are seeing rising mental health disorders and increased anxiety and stress in students. At the same time staff are also reporting rising stress and mental health disorders and we are seeing more teachers leaving the profession or stating the intention to do so.

Is it going to be the same again this year? We suspect for many schools the answer will be yes. The constant focus and drive on increasing exam performance is only going to intensify the challenges and stress that’s being faced. What about an alternative? Is there a way to raise attainment and at the same time improve the ability of people to manage the challenges they face and improve their well-being. The research suggests there is.

We have written a full paper pulling together the available research and setting out the whole school approach we recommend. You can download it below. It does cover 22 or 24 pages and we know time is a resource that is not in great supply given the demands placed on you, so we have also written a brief 3 page summary. This may help you to decide if this approach is something you might like to investigate further and consider for your school.

Schools, excluding those in Wales should download the first research and summary paper, while schools in Wales should read on and download those written specifically to meet the Welsh Government’s objectives.

We are already working with groups of schools and individual schools around the country and have the capacity this coming year to work with a very limited number of new schools / groups of schools. Our approach is generating a lot of interest so if you think it is something that might work for your school then please get in touch.

You can download the full research paper here.

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Welsh Schools

We are also working with Welsh schools and have referenced our research against the recommendations made in the report Successful Futures, an Independent Review of Curriculum and Assessment Arrangements in Wales, carried out on behalf of the Welsh Government, by Professor Graham Donaldson CB. If you are a Welsh school then please download the research papers below.

You can download the full research paper for Welsh schools here.

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You can download the summary paper for Welsh schools here.

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